Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stir Moon under $10

What a treat last night! I was busy running around South Miami and the Grove taking care of some errands when 9 o'clock crept up on me. I would have probably kept going on about my business if the sudden urge for some Thai/Japanese didn't cross me. But, how could I resist? It was right there on the corner, eye-balling me and screaming "come in! come in!" 

I circled around back for parking and then it dawned on me that I couldn't walk into Moon Thai & Japanese wearing leggings, a tank top and sneakers during prime dinner time. As the smell of sweet terriyaki and curry slipped in through the windows of the car my stomach began to grumble. At least I thought I could have kept on going about my business. Who am I kidding? My stomach always wins these debates.

Considering my wardrobe, I decided to walk just two doors down to their sister-restaurant, Stir Moon. The crowd is a little more casual with the familiar faces of college students scattered about. The menu is a little simpler and significantly cheaper than Moon Thai but don't let that take away from the same great taste. The food and service is great. Plus, where else can you get a more than hefty serving of rice with terriyaki chicken and broccoli? Mmmm... Rice bowls under $10 makes the food even more appetizing! Maybe I'm just easily satisfied, but the convo with my Filipino server, Gloria made my dining experience all the more enjoyable.

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