Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buena Vista - Buena Comida

Who would have thought that love at first sight would transcend and manifest a unique French bistro in the heart of old-Midtown? A diamond in the rough some would call it, once first glance has skimmed through the bitter surroundings of its location. An easy spot to miss but all the better for those that have the fortune of its discovery. With very few choices for food in the area, owners Claude Postel and Clarie Bienvenu, have accomplished what they set out to do; establish a place in the neighborhood where people can get a good meal.

As you walk into the bistro, the aroma of fresh baked bread fills your chest while your eyes drift straight ahead admiring all the fine custard filled and fruited pastries. A slight glance to your left, would cause anyone's feet to gravitate towards their fresh meats and salads. But that's not all... literally, there's more than what meets the eye.

As if the endless possible sandwich and panini combos running through one's head weren't enough (I'm salivating over the idea of a fresh prosciutto and mozzarella baguette drizzled with olive oil); their menu encompasses a variety of French fare from Escargot a la Proven├žale and Grouper in Beurre Blanc to a more simple yet not so simple house tomato soup. 

Since it's opening, Buena Vista Bistro has become a popular spot for its surrounding locals from the regular faces, the nearby artists and ecclectics and those like myself, the occasional passerby.

Sigh... what a little love can do!

Buena Vista Bistro

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