Friday, April 23, 2010

Grand Opening of LIME in Downtown Dadeland

Quick to thought, my first impression of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill was here comes another chain of Tex-Mex. As if Miami and the rest of the U.S. didn't already have a glorious rendition of Mexican cuisine. From Taco Rico and Tex Rex to Baja Fresh it was easy to envision the traditional menu of salsa and chips, quesadillas, burritos and tacos with refried beans, low grade meat and sour cream slapped onto a plate or wrapped in wax paper.

When they opened their first restaurant in South Beach a few years ago my friends went quick to grab tacos and naturally they ranted and raved of this new spot. "The food is fresh and pretty good," was the report but all I could think was ok, sure it's new. I eventually found myself walking in to see what the buzz was about and as I expected nothing too far off from what I imagined the menu to be but they were right, the food is fresh and pretty good. 

With something similar to a traditional kitchen setup, the cooking is done right in front of you. I came to learn that the local spot runs off it's own community. Unlike a lot of other restaurants and chains, Lime's produce is delivered daily from local markets. There isn't left over guacamole or jarred salsa; everything is made fresh daily. This still wasn't enough for me to set them apart from the others. I needed something different and there it was...all to their own right, over 50 variations of hot sauces. From mild, sweet and tangy to a tropical chipotle fire. Did I mention, I love my condiments?! Yes, lots of sauces please!

My experiences with Lime since then have been exceptional and usually a spot I opt for when craving some non-traditional Mexican grub. Needless to explain my excitement when invited to attend Lime's Grand Opening in Downtown Dadeland. Finally some decent Tex-Mex in my newly claimed neck of the woods. 

The grand opening was quite the bash with nearly two (2) blocks full of attendees sampling their dishes, sipping on beer and their house margaritas. Seating was set up outside in between the blocks so guests can eat and enjoy the live band. Between sets, random guests would be serendaded by the hired mariachi band. 

All-in-all, it was a wonderful kick-off for their new venue and I could only wish them lots of success!

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