Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mamma Mia!

Ahhh, Homestead... What can be expected from this rural mecca? Known for its vast fields of fruits and vegetables, as well as, acres of nurseries, little thought is still given to their current revamping process.

The once desolate area, has been increasingly booming with new residential developments, commercial restaurants (such as Chilis, Red Lobster and Olive Garden) and shopping plazas which include a Lowes, Walmart and the soon to be Ikea. It leaves one to wonder, how this will effect older establishments that are better known as the little wonders of Homestead.

While the architecture in most of this up and coming city is still drab and dreary, it is here where you will find these wonders which include palatial Mexican dining, Amish treats, finger licking BBQ dives and the sporadic yet, culture specific dine-ins (Chinese, Italian, etc.).

Matter of fact, it is here where you will find this off the side of the road and down a back alley, pride-fully Italian establishment; Mamma Mia Pizzeria. While the address might confuse some, this Collins Ave is not in South Beach.

Their bright red, white and green sign give light to its obscure location. It resembles a NYC eatery in the heart of the city, with its bright dining area and checkered table cloths. The light smell of garlic sifts through the air as you briefly wait for your server to attend to you. The menu is simple and full of traditional appetizers and entrees that would normally be served at an Italian restaurant.

As you wait for order, complimentary garlic rolls which are the size of my fist are served and like any well made garlic roll, the scent of garlic on your breath will linger way into the evening. Then your food is brought to you and one could barely refrain from their eyes popping out as they gaze at the size of their meal. Whether you ordered a calzone (which could easily be 5-6" long and about 2-3" deep filled with your choice of gooey cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms and whatever else your heart declares) or their gnocchi parmeseana (covered with cheese and sauce that could easily give you a heart attack- but in a good way), their portions are enormous.

I'm not sure about the rest of you, but when eating Italian, it's pretty much the sauce that makes the meal and their sauce easily gets two thumbs up. It's not too sweet, not too salty, definitely not watery or greasy and has a good consistency. Mamma Mia Pizzeria is a sure stop when in the area for some decent Italian. 

Mamma Mia PizzeriaL 538 Washington Ave, Homestead, FL 33030

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